UPDATED: 12-March, 2020


WHEN: Saturday, March 21, from 3-5 p.m.


RSVPs are now required.  Skip to the RSVP form below.

Meeting information:

The annual meeting is a great place to connect with other WACDTF volunteers and learn about volunteer opportunities that don’t involve frozen feet. It will include elections, updates on clinic defense news and other aspects of WACDTF’s work, and votes on any major issues that arise.

WACDTF members will elect Steering Committee members at the annual meeting. The Steering Committee will then have a meeting at which it elects WACDTF’s officers and appoints committee coordinators by consensus.

The annual meeting and the Steering Committee meeting that follows are open to everyone, but only WACDTF members may vote for members of the Steering Committee. You’re a WACDTF member if you’ve signed the WACDTF Goals & Guidelines (this includes anyone who has escorted or attended an escort training).  If you’re not sure of your status as a WACDTF member, please let us know in the RSVP form.  If you can remember approximately when you went through escort training that would be helpful.

*UPDATE*:  Due to new measures put in place in order to maintain more social distance between people in order to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, we will be holding our 2020 Annual Meeting and Steering Committee meeting online through web conferencing.  Information on how to access the web conference will be provided via email to those who RSVP using the form below.

We encourage all WACDTF members to volunteer for, or nominate another person for, the Steering Committee or any appointed position. A list of positions is below. We welcome new volunteers for all positions!

If you wish to volunteer or make a nomination ahead of time, please call 202-681-6577 or send an email to [email protected] by Thursday, March 19. We will also accept nominations and volunteers at the meeting or by proxy.

If you cannot attend the annual meeting, we encourage you to mail or fax us a proxy form (PDF) to help ensure a quorum and allow the person you designate to vote for the members of the Steering Committee in your absence. Proxy forms should be sent no later than Thursday, March 19. Proxies apply only to the Steering Committee election, not to other agenda items.

(If you would like to transmit your proxy form electronically but do not have access to a FAX machine, please use a web-based FAXing service like FaxZero or GotFreeFax,)

We also welcome your comments by email to [email protected] or mail to WACDTF, P.O. Box 21796, Washington, DC 20009. Please mail comments by Thursday, March 19.  All written comments we receive will be shared at the meeting.

Elected and Appointed Positions:  The positions that will be filled at the Steering Committee meeting include:

Elected Officers (who are also Steering Committee members):

  • President: Appears on various documents related to our nonprofit corporate status.
  • Secretary: Makes sure records are kept and handles some official correspondence.
  • Treasurer: Handles our bank account and makes sure that our books are in order.
  • Organizers (3 positions, may serve in the above roles as well): Our bylaws say they “shall ensure the smooth operations” of the Steering Committee.

WACDTF also has volunteer committees responsible for organizing particular areas of our work. These committees have included:

  • Training: arranges escort trainings and other trainings
  • Outreach: organizes recruitment of new members
  • Clinic liaison: reminds clinics of how WACDTF can help them
  • Website: creates and updates our website
  • Social Media: keeps our Twitter and Facebook presence current
  • Administrative: keeps track of our membership database

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